Golden Signs Australia was founded in 1980, and since then, it has endorsed businesses and leading brands in Australia and New Zealand.

About Golden Signs Australia

A long-standing history of providing quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness has made us a reputable company.

As well as being able to complete large, time-intensive projects anywhere in Australia, GSA also has the capacity to offer an array of services from manual sign writing to cutting-edge implementation.

To ensure that your unique requirements are acknowledged and implemented during the manufacturing and installation process, we conduct extensive collaboration throughout the project. To make sure our clients get all the information they need about our process for delivering top-quality results, we use savvy sign specialists.

By constantly striving to be the best, we ensure our business processes and systems remain efficient to our clients.

To better serve our customers, we pledge to fulfil 100% of our promises with a great level of customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure efficient effectiveness and only a quality product ever leaves our factory, our standard procedures cover every level of our organisation.

In the production of our products, we have a dedicated, skilled, and creative graphic design studio, which eliminates any uncertainty in the layout of the finished product.

At our prices, we're able to meet commitment dates with excellent system.

While our clients know we're above-average performers, which is shown in our service level of 95 to 100%, they also appreciate that we are efficient.

For the most part, our site evaluation is completed by our sales team.

We provide installation and assistance with all signage requirements at the local, state, and national levels.

Not only does the final product have to be installed correctly, but also all workers and contractors involved must be qualified in their area of expertise.

All of us are required to train and comply with occupational health and safety procedures as dictated by our industry.

As an equal opportunity employer, we acknowledge and respect the hard work and talents of everyone in our workforce.


We are committed to the partnership. We recognise and handle variations and the unforeseen in order to design signs that convey your unique requirements.

OUR Mission

Every circumstance is considered; clients are properly informed about our best-practices procedure for delivering an exceptional final result.

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Our expertise is in digital transformation of the physical environment, and we're here to help you along your journey.
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