MDF & timber printing

Our MDF and timber signs are great if you’re after timeless, durable signage for your business or event.

MDF & Timber Printing

Wood and MDF panelling are classic materials to create quality signs, and it isn’t hard to work out why – they’re affordable, versatile and maintain the quality of the images and lettering printed on their surfaces.

Why directly print on MDF or Timber is so great?

Whether you’re after simple signs or wall-to-wall panelling comprising eye-catching imagery, we can help you with all your MDF and timber printing needs. We use high-quality ink and a Specialist Printer to ensure that your business logo, brand message or image is transferred onto wood and MDF surfaces efficiently and without compromising graphic quality.


MDF and timber signage suit a huge range of environments and spaces, including:

    • Reception areas
    • Shopfronts
    • Trade show exhibition stands
    • Outdoor displays
    • Office interiors
    • As Wayfinding or Statutory signage
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What sort of substrates can we work with?

MDF | Plywood | Metal | Foam board | Flexible PVC | Plexiglass

And more!

Why choose us for your Flatbed Uv Printing in Sydney?

Fast turnaround times
Quality materials
Professional, personalised experience from design to construction & installation
Customised in a range of fonts and designs to match your brand
More than 40 years experience

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