Direct to substrate printing

Save time and money with direct-to-substrate printing technology for signs for your next project or business. 

Direct to substrate printing

Direct-to-substrate is a printing process where images are printed directly onto a substrate, negating the need for mounting. Substrates can include plastic, glass, paper, and canvas, and serves as a practical and affordable signage option.

Why choose us for direct-to-substrate printing for your business signage?

For substrate printing we use a special ink comprising acrylic monomers, which feeds through a specially designed UV substrate printer to bond to a flat substrate. Once the ink has been applied we then apply a UV light to cure the ink, binding the monomers together to ensure the ink lasts on the surface in the designed shape. 
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What sort of substrates can we work with?

MDF | Plywood | Metal | Foam board | Flexible PVC | Plexiglass

And more!

Why choose us for your Flatbed Uv Printing in Sydney?

Fast turnaround times
Quality materials
Professional, personalised experience from design to construction & installation
Customised in a range of fonts and designs to match your brand
More than 40 years experience

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