Neon signs

Custom made neon signs that take your branding to a new aesthetic level.

Neon Signage

In the age of Instagram, first impressions are more important than ever. Custom-made neon signs are a great way to make an impact for your business shopfront, trade show event, or even as décor in your office. Give your existing and new customers a reason to stop and take notice with a neon sign that is part-branding, part work of art. 

Why choose a custom-made neon sign for your brand or business?

• High-impact aesthetics. A unique neon sign will surely made your brand memorable 

• Save energy – neon signs save up to 70 percent energy compared to traditional lights. They also don’t emit heat, making them a safe option if you need all-day/all-night lighting.

• Huge range of designs available – our flexible LED neon lights can be moulded into just about any design. 

• Neon lights don’t wear easily, which is great if you’re after long-lasting signage.
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Creating a neon sign is as easy as choosing a font, colour, size and message or design. Our expert team will take care of the rest. 

Why choose us for your Neon signage in Sydney?

Fast turnaround times
Quality materials
Professional, personalised experience from design to construction & installation
Customised in a range of fonts and designs to match your brand
More than 40 years experience

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