Statutory Signage

Ensure your residential and commercial buildings stand up to the Building Code of Australia with statutory signage.

Statutory Signs

All residential, commercial, and retail developments in Australia must display statutory signage to comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) ensuring public safety. Statutory signage covers all safety and emergency communications within a space, including:

    • Fire door signs
    • Emergency exit signs
    • Signs for fire extinguishers, hoses and sprinklers
    • Carpark signs
    • Covid-19 regulations signage
    • Accessibility signs
    • Toilet facilities
    • Hazardous materials storage

We can work with your budget to create relevant signage from a range of materials including acrylic, stainless steel, and digital printing, to ensure that your building is compliant with Australian health and safety standards, and are accessible to all with options for braille, tactile door signs and more. 

Why choose us for your Statutory signage in Sydney?

Fast turnaround times
Quality materials
Professional, personalised experience from design to construction & installation
Customised in a range of fonts and designs to match your brand
More than 40 years experience

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